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Amiga Mail Volume II is a bi-monthly technical publication that contains
additional information and examples on the correct usage of the techniques
and operating system functions.

   I  Programming Practices and Standards  - general purpose programming
  II  AmigaDOS  - dos.library
 III  Exec  - the multitasking executive, exec.library
  IV  Intuition and Workbench  - the Amiga user interface
   V  Graphics  - animation, text, the Blitter, layers.library
  VI  Sound and Music  - audio, speech, MIDI
 VII  IFF  - iffparse.library and other IFF topics
VIII  Unix and Networking  - Unix SVR4, NFS, TCP/IP, Ethernet
  IX  Timer, Serial, and Parallel  - timer.device, serial & parallel port
   X  Output  - printers, printing, Postscript
  XI  Input  - user input, Commodities Exchange
 XII  CDTV  - Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
XIII  Hardware  - Cards, chips, connectors

      © Copyright 1990-1999 Amiga, Inc.