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File to download Os Version Size Date Aros Archive Aminet Readme
Amigang-Supertux.lha i386-Aros 0.1.3 8.2 Mo 2010-09-29 yes (clic'n see) yes (clic'n see) Super Mario ersatz. To modify the config, edit the config file ".supertux/config" (video, audio, joystick, fullscreen...). Please report me bug on Aros
Amigang-1941-deluxe.lha i386-Aros 1.0b 32 Mo 2010-09-20 yes (clic'n see) yes (clic'n see) 1941 arcade shootem up - os4 port and bonus by Huno - Aros port by tito
if sound/joystick doesnt work , mail me ! . Fire key : CTRL
Amigang-Sopwith.lha i386-Aros 1.7.4 565 Ko 2010-09-17 yes (clic'n see) yes (clic'n see) Little gravity game (between Thrust and Harrier Attack on Amstrad)
Amigang-Tetris.lha i386-Aros 0.1b 307 Ko 2010-09-15 yes (clic'n see) yes (clic'n see) SDL Tetris, not finished yet (to be continued)

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